The Trading Game

tj1By: TJ Hartnett news services

We’re deep into the second year of the Braves somewhat controversial rebuild, and in Atlanta, things are going fairly poorly.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as they product on the field is by turns young, inexperienced and/or mediocre.

That’s been written about plenty, we won’t go into that with much depth right now.

Contrarily, the product on the field in the minor leagues for the Braves system is full of hope and talent. That’s also been well documented.

For now, I want to go back to the big tent poles of this rebuild: the trades that made Braves fans cry foul. We’ll analyze the returns a little, sure, but what I really want to do is focus on the players we traded away.

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Jimbo Top 5 Coach?

kippBy: Kipp Branch news services

College football is just a little over 2 months away from taking over the sports landscape in the South during the fall and into the first couple of weeks of January.

One coach that I feel doesn’t get enough credit for the job he is doing is Jimbo Fisher at Florida State.

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Strike the Pose

draytonBy: Drayton Hogarth news services

The college football season is now within sight, just over two months to go, and it will be time to tee it up all over our great country.

Every young man who aspires to play football one day dreams of hoisting the Heisman trophy and joining such an elite club associated with being the best player in college football.

As we approach the 2016 season, there are numerous candidates who could very well be the next name added to the list of Heisman winners.

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Bringing It Home

kenBy: Kenneth Harrison Jr. news services

I was totally wrong about the NBA Finals.

Golden State (73-9) had the greatest regular season in NBA history and they needed to win the championship to cement that. That would give them back-to-back championships and establish them as a dynasty. They would also be considered better than the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls that held the previous record for best regular season at 72-10.

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Koetting Ties

jjBy: JJ Lanier news services

There is a lot of pressure that goes along with being the head coach of a professional sports team.

It’s not nearly as intense as the President of the United States type pressure, but it’s certainly more than reading the name of winner of the Miss USA competition. (I still love you on Family Feud, Steve).

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Betting on Bortles

kippBy: Kipp Branch news services

The Jacksonville Jaguars coming off another losing season have to be very pleased in how QB Blake Bortles progressed between year one and two in the 24 year old’s young NFL career.

The good:

The Jags saw some good strides forward from quarterback Blake Bortles in his second NFL season. Bortles threw for 4,428 yards and 35 touchdowns while forming a strong partnership with wide receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson.

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Glynn Academy/Brunswick Preview

draytonGlynn/Brunswick Preview

By: Drayton Hogarth news services

We still have some time before the local high school football season will get started, but football is never too far from the mind in our area.

With that in mind, the upcoming season should be a fruitful one for the teams representing us in Glynn County.

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The Best Florida Gator of All Time?

kenBest Gator Ever?                

By: Kenneth Harrison Jr. news services

The Florida Gators are one of the most successful programs in the SEC in the last 25 years. The only program that has had more success is Alabama in the Nick Saban era.

Since 1992 when the league expanded they have made 11 SEC Championship Game appearances (the most by any school in the conference). They’ve won 8 conference championships since 1991 and 3 national titles since 1996.

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Atlanta Hawks 2016 Draft

draytonBy Drayton Hogarth

The NBA season is winding down, and when the NBA Finals are completed some look at it as the end of the 2015-16 season; then there are those who look at it as the beginning of the 2016-17 season.

For those who love the NBA offseason almost as much as the regular season, we all know that free agent signings, player trades, and of course the NBA Draft are right around the corner.

Teams are able to restock their player rosters, as well as give their fans hope and some idea of what to look forward to in the upcoming season.

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Woeful Braves

kippBy Kipp Branch

We are approaching the middle of June and our Atlanta Braves are sitting at 17-42 the worst record in all of MLB. We all knew this was going to be a long year, but did we think it would be this bad?

The Braves fired their manager and I was a supporter of that move but look at the offensive stats through 59 games.

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