Follow The Money

By: Robert Craft news services

The first kickoff is two weeks away, but I sit and wonder what it will take for a Non-Power 5 team to receive an invite to The College Football Playoffs.

The University of Central Florida for the last 2 seasons have been undefeated, yet shut out by the College Football Playoff Committee.

Since the Playoffs have begun, only Power 5 teams have received an invite. Unlike College Basketball, which loves the Cinderella story, College Football has required a traditional powerhouse program to play for the National Championship.

After finishing 13-0 in 2017, UCF opened 2018 ranked 21st in the AP and 24th in the ESPN Poll. Teams like Washington, Wisconsin, Miami, FSU were all ahead of an undefeated UCF. When the dust settled on the CFP rankings, UCF (12-0) team was ranked 8th behind 2 loss Georgia & Michigan and 1 loss Oklahoma and Ohio State.

I know UCF’s transient quarterback McKenzie Milton was injured and the committee takes that into consideration, but just look at history; 2007 an undefeated Hawaii team was snubbed for a two-loss LSU. Yes, this was during the BCS.

Why hasn’t UCF received an invite? Maybe I watch too many police shows on TV, but if you want the simple answer “Follow the Money.” The Power 5 Elitist Do Not Want to Share the Wealth!

Power 5 conferences get $54 million each, while Non-Power 5 conferences split just over $84.5 million off Playoff revenue.

Giving a Non-Power 5 a bid would take millions of dollars from the conference that control the playoff (look who makes up the Playoff Committee).

I can hear one of my fraternity brothers now, “UCF does not play anyone!” Scheduling for Non-Power 5 teams has been an issue. In 2017 and 2018, UCF had Power 5 teams Georgia Tech, North Carolina (canceled due to a hurricane) Maryland, and Pittsburgh (which they beat handily).

I get a chuckle out of the talking heads: after UCF this past year manhandled Pittsburgh (45-14), the experts were saying this is a transition year for Pitt.

A month later, when Pitt lost to Notre Dame 19-14, the experts were praising Pitt for a hard-fought loss and a moral victory for the program. This season UCF plays Stanford (the winning Pac 12 team over the past 10 years) at home and Pittsburg (who not afraid of scheduling a home and home) on the road.

I said it once and I’ll say it again “Follow the Money”. Danny White, UCF Athletic Director has been vocal about this Elitist Attitude surrounding college football. In 2017 when White decided to claim a National Championship for UCF, the media went crazy.

Every day for two months UCF was talked about on national TV, Twitter, and Facebook. A study commissioned by The University of Central Florida in March of 2018 estimated the publicity from the school’s unbeaten season and National Title Claim was worth $200 million.

Last week, Danny was at it again when he scheduled a home and home against FAU. It’s was the lead story on many shows.

The question surrounding a two for one with the Florida Gators has been a hot topic. Danny White is open to a two for one with Florida, but Florida doesn’t want to play at UCF. Florida prefers to play the game at the Citrus Bowl.

As a UCF fan, Danny White is a genius, but Power 5 teams fans think he’s a lunatic. I think he’s an Evil Genius, he is setting UCF as the top Non-Power 5 school in the country. If or when there is expansion, UCF will be on top of the call list.

I leave you with this, why do the Power 5 Elitists hate UCF? MONEY