The SEC Stock Market

kippBy: Kipp Branch news services

My oldest daughter Alexia and one of her closest friends embarked last Thursday night on her first SEC road trip to Oxford, Mississippi. My daughter is an avid Ole Miss fan and her daddy is a lunatic Georgia fan. Back to that shortly. October is upon us and now the SEC landscape is starting to come into focus.

There is nothing better to a football fanatic than an SEC road trip with friends. It is like waking up on Christmas morning and running into the living room and seeing what Santa left under the Christmas tree.

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SEC Slow Start

jjBy: JJ Lanier news services

Well, I’m pretty sure that isn’t how the SEC was hoping the first weekend would go.

It wasn’t horrible or anything, but it couldn’t have gone as scripted. In their defense, one of the major reasons everyone was so excited about the match ups to start the college season was that most SEC teams scheduled legit opponents, not schools from the Underwater Basket Weaving conference.

Considering all the hoopla and questions coming into this weekend the one thing I basically learned is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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