On My Mind

By: Kipp Branch

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

There are a lot of things going on in the world of southern sports currently. Here are some random thoughts:

  1. On 4th and a foot you run the football, Dan Mullen. To win in the SEC you have to be able to run the damn football. At Mississippi State you can get away with that, but at Florida you can’t. Lose again to UGA next year and see how hot your seat gets.
  2. Wristband Gate at UF caused them to use two early timeouts in the World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Again, you can get by with that in the Egg Bowl, but not against Daddy Kirby.
  3. The Atlanta Falcons are a huge dumpster fire. Time to clean house and start over. Nick Saban has a home in Georgia. Home Depot will make tons of money during the Christmas season. Breakout the check book Falcons.
  4. The Atlanta Braves decline the 2020 option on Julio Teheran’s contract. That took about three years too long.
  5. Cam Newton has major health issues and is out for the season, but the Panthers are 5-3 and in playoff contention. Can someone in Charlotte pick up the phone to the Chicago Bears and say are on the line looking for a QB?
  6. The Brunswick High Pirates are back in the playoffs in 2019. Note to region 2-AAAAAA if you didn’t beat the Pirates in 2019 you won’t again until 2023 at the earliest, and if you did you better enjoy it.
  7. Richmond Hill got bumped to 7A in the latest reclassification by the Georgia High School Association through 2022. How quickly will RH file the isolation paperwork to the GHSA to stay in 6A?
  8. FSU is looking for a new football coach. We never got the time to know you Willie. Who wants to come in and continue cleaning up the mess Jimbo left?
  9. Auburn is looking at another banner year under Gus. Bus number 8-4 is running out of gas finally on the Plains.
  10. Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle. You get my drift.
  11. The first QB selected in the 2020 NFL Draft is Joe Burrow.
  12. The best college football team in the State of Georgia is the Valdosta State Blazers. They just keep winning and winning.
  13. The Atlanta Hawks are an NBA Draft Lottery team once again.
  14. Anthony Edwards will lead the UGA Men’s Basketball team to a bid in the NCAA Tourney.
  15. Randon Jernigan will bat over .300 and make All-SEC in 2020 for the Diamond Dawgs. Why? Because his Aunt Sandra told me so. That’s good enough for me.
  16. The Frederica Knights beat Bulloch Academy on Senior Night Friday under the oaks on St. Simons, and win two GISA Playoff games.
  17. Kawhi Leonard is the best NBA player on the planet at this moment in time. Those who don’t agree I have three words for you MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!
  18. Lawrence Cager is still wide open against DBU.
  19. Lowndes County is the best high school football team in Georgia.
  20. McIntosh County Academy hats off to you and the improvement you have shown in 2019. Look out for the Bucs moving forward.
  21. Note to the College Football Playoff Committee, you have undefeated Baylor ranked behind one loss Oklahoma, who lost to Kansas State by 7. Baylor beat Kansas State by 19 points. Dollar Store spring water is just as good as Dasani. Clemson ranked 5th? Get better committee. Baylor is not UCF they play in a real conference.
  22. The ACC in football is Clemson and the dependents.
  23. Glynn County Stadium needs an elevator going to the Press Box.
  24. Camden County officials need to be placed on top of every press box they visit to taste that medicine they dish out.
  25. The Washington Nationals won the World Series and can’t even win the NL East. Ouch!