By: Kipp Branch

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The Coronavirus is a serious public health issue that has caused loss of life around the world.

It has wreaked havoc on our economy, our freedom of mobility, and now with the cancellation of most major sporting events like the NBA, it has rocked us at our core.

This article is going to take a look at sports in our culture and how woven sports are in the fabric of our society.

No matter what sport you play, you are bound to have better health than those who do not partake at all. No other activity is as productive in strengthening of muscles and overall physical fitness as sports.

I come from the generation of playing outside before dinner, and the activity revolved around the three major sports seasons football, basketball, and baseball.

In the fall, growing up I was Joe Montana in my backyard, in the winter I was Larry Bird or Magic Johnson, and in the spring, I was Reggie Jackson growing up as a youngster in the Golden Isles. Whatever season it was it didn’t matter we stayed active.

When we are playing sports, we use our time doing something good and fun. I watched a T-Ball game my grandson participated in just yesterday, and watching the interaction with other kids is a social skill that goes unnoticed these days. It also plays a major role in the social development of youth today in our country.

Playing sports increases awareness of mind and mental strength. Sports teach you how to handle disappointments and also teaches you how to win with class and sportsmanship.

Sports prepares people for life in clutch situations, where stress can take over. Positive traits and a healthy mind can be gained from sports.

Sports teach you to be completely alert all the times. It also gives you the ability to make split second decisions when needed. Playing sports actually increases your thought processes.

Playing sports helps you become detailed oriented by keeping you highly attentive. Sports prepares you for those quick decisions in life that we all will face.

Sports is the best way to eliminate stress. Playing a sport you love relaxes you and gives a fresh outlook on life. A hard day at work can be really be stressful but a few minutes on the tennis, or basketball court at the end of a long day is just what the doctor ordered in stress relief.

Self-confidence is improved by participating and excelling in sports. Discipline then becomes a part of the process. Anyone who takes sports seriously knows the importance of discipline and the determination to succeed.

Our society is filled with success stories that started with team sports. Most of the popular sports are team structured. Playing team sports makes a person more comfortable with others. It improves the interpersonal skills and makes a person a team player.

How much money does your employer spend on improving critical thinking and team work skills? These are lessons taught by team sports at an early age in life.

It stings to see March Madness cancelled, the NBA season postponed, MLB suspending operations, and the list goes on and on.

We have a public health crisis on our hands and the right thing to do is to cancel these events until we get a handle as a society on the Covid-19 Coronavirus situation.

A temporary suspension sports activities that are woven in our core values may allow us to gain a fresh appreciation for the sports we love and take for granted at times.

I just know all this better get sorted out by the start of college football season or its going to be “Houston, we have a problem”. Get well soon Tom Hanks. We are praying for you and all affected by the Coronavirus. Netflix anyone?

Burning Questions

By: Kipp Branch

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

It has been an interesting week for southern sports topics. Here are my takes on various subjects.

Hey KB, what do you think about Jake Fromm declaring for the NFL draft?

If you are an Auburn, Florida, Georgia Tech or a Tennessee fan then you are dancing in the streets because Fromm was a combined 12-1 against the four schools mentioned above.

We all know Jake had an off year in 2019 statistically, but at the end of the day Jake will always be known as the gator killer in the Jacksonville area.

Good luck Jake and thank you for your contributions to Georgia football. Next man up is? I’ll let Kirby sort that out.

Hey KB, what do you think about Cade Mays leaving UGA and going to Tennessee? I’ll do my Powers Boothe imitation from Tombstone and say “well bye” to Mays and his family who filed a lawsuit against UGA because dad could not figure out how to operate a folding chair.

We all know this is an attempt to gain an immediate waiver to play next year at Tennessee without having to sit out a year. Mays looked like a Matador in the recent Sugar Bowl, while assigned to guard Jake Fromm’s backside. See you in Athens next November Cade. Nolan Smith can’t wait to see you.

Hey KB, will Florida win the SEC East in 2020? We’ll see but the Danny Kanell’s of the world are already anointing Florida as the beast of the east in 2020.

We will see how Florida performs as the favorite in 2020. The Gators lost a pretty good running back, four good wide receivers, two great pass rushers, and their best cornerback when the final seconds of the Orange Bowl ticked away.

Hey KB, what do you think about Mississippi State hiring Mike Leach? I think it is absolutely fabulous.

MSU will struggle in 2020 as Leach gets guys to run his system, but it is great for the conference. I can’t wait until SEC Media Day this summer. You have Saban, Coach O, The Pirate (Leach), and Joey Freshwater (Lane Kiffin) representing the SEC West.

And can you imagine Egg Bowl week in Mississippi next Thanksgiving? Big Splash hires by the Mississippi schools. Let’s all laugh at Arkansas now.

Hey KB, what do you think about Tua declaring early for NFL the draft? Coach Saban was almost in tears, which speaks volumes about Tua.

With the 5th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the Miami Doiphins select _________. I’m pretty confident you can insert Tua’s name in the blank.

Hey KB, will the Braves resign Josh Donaldson? I think the Braves end up resigning Donaldson and I hope he continues to be productive in the middle of that lineup.

Right now, he seems to be the missing piece of a team that is ready to contend for the World Series.

Hey KB, who will win the National Championship game on Monday night? When the playoff matchups were revealed I picked Clemson to beat LSU in the title game.

I am now going to pick LSU. The game is in New Orleans and Joe Burrow has had the best season ever by a college QB. Clemson is very good, but it just feels like this is LSU’s year. I’m picking the LSU Tigers to win 38-31.

Hey KB, what do the Jacksonville Jaguars need to be contender? I have a 600 word maximum for this article. It would take a 500 page novel to figure out the Jaguars. They need everything.

The Rear View

By: JJ Lanier

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

As we ring in the new year and a new decade, it dawned on me that I’ve been writing for The Southern Sports Edition for just over five years now- and I haven’t been fired yet.

Over that time frame, there have been a number of things I’ve either learned, or have had reinforced, about sports in our area.

For example, there are a few things you just assume to be true, like the SEC is the best football conference in the country, or that the ACC is usually the strongest in basketball.

And while I’d argue both of those are true, I didn’t realize how dominant both conferences were combined, when it came to the three major college sports.

In the six football championships that will have taken place by the end of this month, five of those champions will have come from either the ACC or SEC.

The two conferences can also stake claim to three of the past five championships in both basketball and baseball over that same period of time. (If you want to include Coastal Carolina in our “area” then it’s actually four of five in baseball.) That’s not quite “Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl” dominance, but it’s pretty close.

One important lesson I learned early on is nothing brings Florida and Georgia together like their hatred of Tom Brady.

I’ve written over 300 stories since I started in October of 2014, and I don’t know if I’ve received more comments on any single article than the one I did on Brady being the best NFL quarterback of all time.

One on hand, I get it. Even though I wrote it after the Patriots beat Seattle in the Super Bowl, it was during the height of Deflategate, so the timing was a bit off.

On the other hand, Brady did lead New England to three of the next four Super Bowls, winning two of them, so I do feel a little vindicated.

Also, if I was paid based on the number of “Joe Montana never cheated” responses I got from that story, I’d be making Stephen A. Smith money right now.

One of the evolutions that has been a bit surprising is the SEC’s transition from being a more defensive minded league to an offensive one. That’s not to say the defensive side of the ball isn’t still the calling card of the conference, but you’re more likely to see a 45-38 score than a 17-13.

I must admit, the two stories I enjoyed writing the most didn’t teach me anything, but rather reminded me of why sports can mean so much to so many.

The first is the Father’s Day story I wrote about my dad and I watching a Braves game for my 10th birthday.

The other was about the Pink Out game that took place in Athens a few months ago.

Neither were especially well written, it’s just there’s so much negativity around sports nowadays it was nice to remember how athletics can bring people together.

I’ve really enjoyed these past few years and I appreciate you taking the time to read, pop culture references and all.

Here’s to the next five years of learning, reminiscing, and if my track record is any indication, being wrong on 80% of my predictions.

Unless it has to with Tom Brady; I’m pretty spot on with those.

20 For 2020

By: Kipp Branch

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a great 2019.

Here are my 20 sports wishes for 2020.

1.The Brunswick High Pirates win a minimum of 8 regular season games, break that six-game losing streak to Glynn Academy and win a region football championship.

Also, both Frederica and Glynn have fine football seasons in 2020.

Sean Pender’s Pirates are about to go on a nice run over the next 3-4 years.

  1. Jake Fromm returns for his senior season and leads the Georgia Bulldogs to a 12-0 regular season, a SEC title win over Auburn, and a National Championship win over Ohio State in the College Football Playoff.
  2. The Atlanta Braves win the World Series in 2020, and pick up a top line starter by the trading deadline.

This team is on the cusp of being really good for a long time.

  1. Ronald Acuna Jr. wins the National League MVP and hits 50 HR’s in the process.

This kid is a generational type player that will be the face of the franchise for the next decade.

  1. Local Glynn County High School basketball teams make deep runs in the state playoffs.

Pirate nation, you better appreciate what you have in head coach Chris Turner.

  1. Deep playoff runs for BHS, Frederica Academy, and Glynn Academy baseball squads next spring.
  2. The UGA baseball team makes it into a Super Regional in 2020.
  3. The UGA basketball team earns a bid to the big dance March Madness.
  4. Georgia Tech football team winning 6-7 games in 2020 and going to a bowl game.
  5. Clemson, Oklahoma, and Texas join the SEC, while the conference boots Missouri. Then Auburn makes a permanent move to the SEC East and the conference moves to 9 conference games per season to eliminate at least one cupcake game per season.
  6. UCF and South Florida join the ACC.
  7. Florida State becomes Florida State again and Florida continues to improve under Dan Mullen.
  8. The Atlanta Falcons draft Derrick Brown to improve that defense and spend 15 million per season to get Nick Saban as their new head coach.

Falcon press conferences with Saban at the helm would be must see TV.

  1. The Jacksonville Jaguars trade for Matthew Stafford at QB and bring in an offensive minded head coach.

Stafford with that defense would be a winning combination in Jacksonville and fill the damn stadium.

  1. Jason Bishop improves his overall sports knowledge. That will be a tough one. I know I’m asking a lot on this wish.
  2. The Miami Dolphins draft Tua. He can’t wear #13 though because Marino’s number is retired.
  3. The Atlanta Hawks winning 30 games. The Hawks are bad. Did I say the Hawks are very bad?
  1. UGA hiring Hugh Freeze as the new Offensive Coordinator but keep a close watch on cell phone usage. The entire SEC would be very afraid.
  1. Gus Malzahn is given a lifetime contract at Auburn. One could only hope right?
  1. And finally, Kirby Smart continues to be known as The Gator Daddy!

Have a great 2020 all!

On My Mind

By: Kipp Branch

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

There are a lot of things going on in the world of southern sports currently. Here are some random thoughts:

  1. On 4th and a foot you run the football, Dan Mullen. To win in the SEC you have to be able to run the damn football. At Mississippi State you can get away with that, but at Florida you can’t. Lose again to UGA next year and see how hot your seat gets.
  2. Wristband Gate at UF caused them to use two early timeouts in the World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Again, you can get by with that in the Egg Bowl, but not against Daddy Kirby.
  3. The Atlanta Falcons are a huge dumpster fire. Time to clean house and start over. Nick Saban has a home in Georgia. Home Depot will make tons of money during the Christmas season. Breakout the check book Falcons.
  4. The Atlanta Braves decline the 2020 option on Julio Teheran’s contract. That took about three years too long.
  5. Cam Newton has major health issues and is out for the season, but the Panthers are 5-3 and in playoff contention. Can someone in Charlotte pick up the phone to the Chicago Bears and say are on the line looking for a QB?
  6. The Brunswick High Pirates are back in the playoffs in 2019. Note to region 2-AAAAAA if you didn’t beat the Pirates in 2019 you won’t again until 2023 at the earliest, and if you did you better enjoy it.
  7. Richmond Hill got bumped to 7A in the latest reclassification by the Georgia High School Association through 2022. How quickly will RH file the isolation paperwork to the GHSA to stay in 6A?
  8. FSU is looking for a new football coach. We never got the time to know you Willie. Who wants to come in and continue cleaning up the mess Jimbo left?
  9. Auburn is looking at another banner year under Gus. Bus number 8-4 is running out of gas finally on the Plains.
  10. Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle, Tua’s ankle. You get my drift.
  11. The first QB selected in the 2020 NFL Draft is Joe Burrow.
  12. The best college football team in the State of Georgia is the Valdosta State Blazers. They just keep winning and winning.
  13. The Atlanta Hawks are an NBA Draft Lottery team once again.
  14. Anthony Edwards will lead the UGA Men’s Basketball team to a bid in the NCAA Tourney.
  15. Randon Jernigan will bat over .300 and make All-SEC in 2020 for the Diamond Dawgs. Why? Because his Aunt Sandra told me so. That’s good enough for me.
  16. The Frederica Knights beat Bulloch Academy on Senior Night Friday under the oaks on St. Simons, and win two GISA Playoff games.
  17. Kawhi Leonard is the best NBA player on the planet at this moment in time. Those who don’t agree I have three words for you MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!
  18. Lawrence Cager is still wide open against DBU.
  19. Lowndes County is the best high school football team in Georgia.
  20. McIntosh County Academy hats off to you and the improvement you have shown in 2019. Look out for the Bucs moving forward.
  21. Note to the College Football Playoff Committee, you have undefeated Baylor ranked behind one loss Oklahoma, who lost to Kansas State by 7. Baylor beat Kansas State by 19 points. Dollar Store spring water is just as good as Dasani. Clemson ranked 5th? Get better committee. Baylor is not UCF they play in a real conference.
  22. The ACC in football is Clemson and the dependents.
  23. Glynn County Stadium needs an elevator going to the Press Box.
  24. Camden County officials need to be placed on top of every press box they visit to taste that medicine they dish out.
  25. The Washington Nationals won the World Series and can’t even win the NL East. Ouch!

The Question Of The Day

By: Kipp Branch

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

There are a lot of questions that need answers in the regional sports landscape. Here are 50 questions that need answers:

  1. Do the Braves stick with Luke Jackson at closer or do they get one at the trading deadline?
  2. Will Austin Riley win the NL Rookie of the Year?
  3. Will Freddie Freeman win the NL MVP?
  4. Will the Braves run away with the NL East?
  5. Will the Atlanta Falcons get back to the playoffs in 2019?
  6. Will the Falcons make Julio Jones the highest paid wide receiver in football?
  7. Will Matt Ryan get back close to MVP form?
  8. Can the Falcons win with defense when it matters the most?
  9. Will Georgia Tech make a bowl game in 2019?
  10. How many recruiting classes with it take for GT to be competitive in the ACC with a pro-style offense?
  11. Who will be the starting quarterback for Auburn?
  12. Will a quality running back surface for Auburn in 2019?
  13. If Auburn struggles early will Gus Malzahn get fired before November?
  14. How much longer will Nick Saban coach?
  15. Will the Alabama defense have any drop-off in 2019?
  16. Will Tua win the Heisman?
  17. Will Willie Taggart make it through year two at FSU?
  18. How bad of shape did Jimbo Fisher leave FSU in?
  19. How obsessed is Dan Mullen with UGA?
  20. How good will the Gator offensive line be?
  21. Will UF win the SEC East with Feleipe Franks at QB?
  22. Will UF lead the SEC in QB sacks in 2019?
  23. Will we be hearing UCF deserves to be in the college football playoff talk in 2019?
  24. Do the Miami Hurricanes get blown out by Florida in their opener?
  25. Will Jameis Winston make it through 2019 as Tampa Bay’s starting QB?
  26. Will the Dolphins tank in 2019 to draft Tua or Jake Fromm?
  27. Will the Jacksonville defense play up to 2017 standards in 2019?
  28. Is Nick Foles the missing piece of the puzzle in Jacksonville?
  29. If the Jags struggle does Doug Marrone get fired by mid-season?
  30. Can the Jags beat New England, Kansas City, or even Tennessee when it matters?
  31. Can South Carolina navigate a brutal schedule to play in a bowl in 2019?
  32. Will the Gamecocks be patient and let Muschamp build the program?
  33. Is Trevor Lawrence the most prized QB prospect since Peyton Manning?
  34. Will Clemson take a step back on defense in 2019?
  35. Should we go ahead and pencil Clemson in the college football playoff now for 2019?
  36. How is Cam Newton’s shoulder?
  37. Can the Panthers make a run in the NFC South?
  38. Will the Brunswick High Pirates make the state football playoffs in 2019?
  39. Will the QB position be more productive for Sean Pender in 2019?
  40. Will the BHS Pirates be much improved on defense?
  41. Will Glynn Academy win a fifth straight region football championship in 2019?
  42. Will Glynn make another state title run in 2019?
  43. Will Glynn beat Camden County at home this fall?
  44. Will UGA win the SEC in 2019?
  45. Who will step up at Wide Receiver at UGA this fall?
  46. Will Georgia be able to pressure the passer better in 2019?
  47. Will the UGA/Notre Dame game atmosphere be the most electric ever in Athens?
  48. Will UGA win a National Title in the next 3 years?
  49. Will Jake Fromm return for his senior season in 2020?
  50. When will UGA fans stop talking about 1980?

Some things to ponder Southern sports fans.

The Top 5 From The Peach State

By: JJ Lanier

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

Recently, the rural North Carolina town where I currently reside dedicated a plaque outside of its city hall to UNC head basketball coach, Roy Williams.

Now, Williams did not grow up in the town or attend the local high school. Truth be told, he has no affiliation with county at all, except for the fact he was born here.

As sports fans, you and I always take pride in seeing an athlete that attended the school we went to, or root for, be successful; now it appears that same pride extends to city/town of birth.

There has been a plethora of great athletes born in the state of Georgia, and while I’m sure I’m missing someone you believe deserves to be on this list (and you might be right) for a variety of reasons, these are my top five:

5.Terry “Hulk” Hogan (b. Augusta). Anyone who complains that wrestling is fake and therefore not a real sport, should have their fandom pass revoked.

Just because the first statement has some merit doesn’t mean the latter does, too. The athletic ability Hogan showed in the wrestling ring, particularly for his size, and the longevity he was able to sustain is enough to earn the respect of any informed sports fan.

Throw in the fact you could argue his popularity is the main cause behind wrestling’s three decades of success and that’s why he’s on this list.

I haven’t watched wrestling since the Rock asked me to smell what he was cooking, but I would start tonight if Hogan was back in the ring.

4.Wyomia Tyus (b. Griffin). I admit I had no idea who Wyomia Tyus was and to my own embarrassment, I still don’t know as much as I probably should.

What I do know is she was a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist (2- 100m. dash, 1- 4x100m relay) and was the first Olympian ever to win back-to-back gold medals in the same event. That alone is more than enough justification to have her on this list.

3.Herschel Walker (b. Wrightsville). Name me an athlete that is the definition of “Georgia Athlete” more than Walker. The man is such an icon I truly am surprised there isn’t some sort of state legislature stating every male born in Georgia is required to have “Herschel” or “Walker” somewhere in their birth name.

2.Ty Cobb (b. Narrows). If you’re going to be ahead of Herschel Walker on this list you’d better be damn good and since Cobb is considered one of the greatest baseball players ever, that fits the bill.

Obviously, I wasn’t around to watch him to play, but the man’s name appears more times in the record books than Donald Trump’s does on his own buildings.

Before I get to number one, let me say there are a number of other athletes (Bobby Jones, Walt Frazier, Fran Tarkenton) that could just have easily ended up in top five; most probably would have had they been born in other states. However, none deserve to be above this next person.

1.Jackie Robinson (b. Cairo). There probably isn’t a sports figure, outside of Muhammad Ali, that would top Jackie Robinson on any list like this, no matter where he was born. I’m not sure there’s anything else I can say that hasn’t already been said by people much more articulate, so I won’t.

If we’re celebrating birthplaces, it’ll be harder to find a better collection than in Georgia.

The Super Mario Of The SEC

By: JJ Lanier

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

When I was a kid, I remember I wanted to attend the college that had the best overall athletic program when it came to the three major sports- football, basketball, and baseball.

This way, no matter the season I would always be rooting for a winning team, not understanding at age 7 how those things fluctuate from year to year. (I actually asked my Dad, who told me Oklahoma at the time, and so for a brief period I was a Sooners fan. Don’t worry, it didn’t last long.)

Keeping that in mind I thought I’d take a look and see which SEC school had the most successful athletic season in those three sports- men’s and women’s, when applicable.

The most objective thing to do would be to assign a point system revolving around standings, post season appearances, and championships.

But, I would end up spending 80% of this article explaining the criteria and who wants to read that. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to just randomly pick a school and then argue it’s merit, right?

After much deliberation, (the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee while listening to Side A of Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip”) I decided it was between three programs: Georgia, Kentucky, and LSU.

Georgia: If you take away the men’s basketball season then Georgia wins this by a landslide. Top 2 conference finishes in both football and baseball, as well as finishing in the upper half of the conference standings in both women’s basketball and softball.

Unfortunately, much to the dismay of some SEC fans, the next to last finish the men’s basketball team suffered this season does count. It’s hard to be the outright winner when you have a year like that in a major sport, even if you have the best finish of the three in the most popular one.

Kentucky: The Wildcats finished in the Top 4 in football, men’s and women’s basketball, and softball; a claim no other program in the SEC can come close to. Come to think, maybe they would win in a landslide??

Oh, that’s right, Kentucky’s baseball team was so abysmal this year the only logical conclusion is Drake owns at least three of their baseball jerseys. If I’m going to hold Georgia’s basketball season against them, I guess I’ve got to do the same with Kentucky’s baseball.

LSU: As for the Tigers, their best and worst finishes came within the same sport- first place finish for the men’s team, ninth place for the women’s. Everything else fell in between.

LSU is kind of like that band with one great hit and a bunch of decent songs nobody really remembers; the “Candlebox of the SEC” if you will.

Out of all three programs though, LSU is the only one to have a team to win a regular season conference title (neither of the three programs had a conference tournament champion among them), so there’s that.

When all is said and done there is really only one thing you need to take away from this article- If my son were to ask me the same question I asked my father over 30 years ago I’m not sure I could tell him which school he should go to, but I could tell him which one not to go to; Vanderbilt. I think we’re all in agreement that outside of their baseball team, they should just go ahead and shut the rest of them down.

The Constant

By: JJ Lanier

TheSouthernSportsEdition.com news services

“…And that’s why you the play game” is a phrase we’ve all heard trickle out of an announcer’s mouth on more than one occasion.

While it normally pertains to a team winning a game they weren’t supposed to win, you could argue it’s just as appropriate when referencing a certain player’s careers. To me, Jake Fromm’s time at Georgia, and his probable future in the NFL, falls under that category.

From the time Fromm stepped foot on the Athens campus it feels as though he’s been the underdog; having to prove himself time and time again.

First there was Jacob Eason, the highly touted incumbent quarterback. Granted, Fromm didn’t win the starting quarterback job his freshman season and was only given the reigns when Eason went down with an injury. But he never relinquished those reigns once he got them forcing the former #1 rated quarterback to transfer.

Then, there was Justin Fields. Again, another quarterback rated higher than Fromm, whom most expected to see as the starting quarterback by the end of the season, if not earlier.

Yet again, Fromm played well enough to make sure there wasn’t even a discussion of who the starting QB should be entering the 2019 season, and following in Eason’s footsteps, Fields was gone.

Three 5-star quarterbacks in three years, with the lowest ranked of the three being the last one left standing.

That’s not to say Fromm will be a better NFL quarterback than those two, or that he is the better of the three, but to have outlasted the other two says a lot about his play and leadership on the field, and I think quite a lot about his mindset of it.

As fans, we like to complain when someone transfers to another program, or just signs with another team to begin with, because there’s a better chance that player may get playing time with another team. I mean really, we yell “lack of heart” or “is afraid of competition” more often than roses are given out on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

So, if we’re going to complain about someone trying to improve their chances at a professional career- as if we wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing- then we should praise Fromm for attacking his college career in the way we want our athletes to.

Instead of searching for playing time and signing elsewhere his freshman year, he decided to attend to the university he’s always wanted to go to, even though that meant likely sitting behind Eason; injuries excluded, obviously.

Then, after being recruited over with Fields, he didn’t cry about on social media or make any kind of inflammatory remarks about the situation. All he did was show up, work hard, and proved he belonged.

I have nothing against a player making a move that suits him or her best, especially since coaches change jobs like Game of Thrones changed character arcs. I have a lot of respect though for someone who decides to take the road less traveled.

I know what I’m saying is nothing new, or anything you haven’t probably thought of, but every now and again sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.

If you’re a Georgia fan, enjoy this upcoming season because in less than a year from now Fromm will likely hear another phrase we’re all used to- “And with the (insert number) pick of the 2020 draft…..”

The Burning Questions

By: Kipp Branch

GeorgiaSportsEdition.com news services

40 sports questions that need answers in our surrounding area:

Is the window really closing on the Georgia Bulldogs national title hopes or is it just media hype to stir up the Dawg nation?

Will Jake Fromm lead UGA to a National Title?

Will Zamir White return to five star form in 2019?

Will Kirby Smart pass Vince Dooley in career wins at UGA?

Will Georgia Tech be a factor in the ACC now that the Jackets have ditched that high school offense?

Will Georgia Tech focus on the Atlanta metro area and state of Georgia and be a factor in recruiting?

How long will Geoff Collins survive at Georgia Tech?

Will Alabama start to decline under Nick Saban?

Will Gus Malzahn get fired during or after the 2019 season?

Is Dabo Swinney now the best coach in college football?

Is the heat about to get turned up on Will Muschamp at South Carolina?

Will the Atlanta Hawks ever graduate from the NBA Draft Lottery?

Will the Atlanta Falcons ever get back to Super Bowl form?

Is Matty Ice still a top five QB in the NFL?

Has Julio Jones peaked or will he continue to put up huge numbers?

When will the Falcons be feared on defense again?

Will the Jacksonville Jaguars bring in Joe Flacco and draft Drew Lock in the 2019 draft and fix their QB woes?

Will the Brunswick High boys’ basketball team make another deep run in the state playoffs?

Will the Brunswick High Pirates bounce back and be a factor in the region football race this fall?

Will the Brunswick High baseball squad win the region title in 2019?

Will the Frederica Knights have a solid title defense in football in 2019?

Will the Baseball Knights get back to the state finals in baseball this year?

Will Glynn Academy win its fifth region title in a row in football in 2019?

Will the Terrors beat BHS in football for a sixth straight time in 2019?

Will the Terror soccer teams bring home a state championship this year?

Will the Lady Terror basketball squad make a region title run in 2019?

Is Rocky Hidalgo the greatest football coach in GA history?

Is Darius Slay the best football player ever to play in Glynn County?

Will the Miami Hurricanes ever give Dee Jay Dallas a shot at playing QB?

Will Randon Jernigan lead the SEC in stolen bases before his UGA career is complete?

Who was the better football team the 1964 Glynn Academy Red Terrors, 1999 Brunswick High Pirates, or 2018 Frederica Academy Knights?

Will the Atlanta Braves trade for a front line starter before the start of spring training?

Will Julio Tehran be the opening day starter again for the Braves?

Is Ronald Acuna Jr. a future NL MVP?

Will the Braves win a World Series before Freddie Freeman retires?

Who will play right field for the Braves in 2019?

Will Josh Donaldson play an entire season without going on the DL for Atlanta?

Will the Braves win the NL East in 2019?

Who is the greatest athlete to ever come out of the state of Georgia?

Who is the most followed sports team in the entire state of Georgia?

Have I given you enough to think about yet?