New Captain Coming

By: Kipp Branch news services

My friend Sean Pender will be the next football coach at North Hall High School in Hall County, Georgia.

I’m excited for Sean, Dana and the kids as they move to this next chapter in their lives.

I know Sean will be successful because the man is a winner and he has a passion for developing young boys into men. That, folks, is what life is about. Winning and losing football games matter to the casual fan, but building a top-notch football program is way more than that. Winning is a result of the foundations that have been built.

When Sean Pender took the BHS job in 2017 the program was pretty much at rock bottom. No discipline, academics were not up to par, and the list goes on and on.

Sean Pender went to work to reverse the sorry culture that had taken root at Brunswick High School and in 5 short years he built the program into a contender. The 2021 Pirates went 10-0 in the regular season and finished 11-1 in the best season in the program since 1999.

Sean Pender has left his mark on the program. Here is the proof:

Record: 35-21. A .625 winning percentage which stands currently as the best in school history.

Playoff Wins: 3. Prior to the Pender tenure the last playoff win for BHS was in 2010.

Region Championships: 2. Pender shared a region title in 2020 with two other schools and won it outright in 2021. BHS has 8 region football titles in its football history dating back to 1968. Pender produced 25% of those championships in 5 years.

Perfect Regular Season: 1. The 2021 Pirates went undefeated in the regular season. The school has 3 undefeated regular seasons in school history. Sean Pender accomplished that in his 5th season.

Coaching Staff: Sean Pender has developed the best coaching staff in this area in my opinion. A loyal dedicated staff. The program mission statement of “All About The Family” is as real as it gets. The kids and coaches love each other and go to battle like that on every Friday night.

Culture: Sean Pender turned a losing selfish culture into a championship culture in 5 short years that is on a solid foundation moving forward.

My wife, Sandra and I have a great friendship with Sean and Dana Pender that will continue despite the fact that they will be in North Georgia.

The best thing you can say about a football coach is did they leave the program in better shape than they found it? Well Sean Pender left BHS in 100% better shape than he found it. Sean Pender leaves a winning culture at BHS.

I’m going to miss my dear friend. I love him and his family. I will also will be eternally grateful for the impact the Pender’s had on the school I love with a passion the Brunswick High Pirates.

Well done my friend. Now go build a championship culture at North Hall High School.

You are one hell of a football coach! The 27th Annual Branch Camping Trip dates are January 11-15, 2023. The committee met and Sean Pender is now an official 5-Star Camper! That’s the equivalent of a State Title in football.

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  1. Mr.Tommie Darrington

    Kipp, the next thing to do now, is right the ship for Gary or whoever takes over to get both Jane Macon and Needs of as feeders. The corruptions of allowing this system to continue it’s breaking of GHSA laws of recruiting players living in BHS zones must come to a end.

    This system must be stopped of it’s practices of allowing Hidalgo place coaches at Needwood, and now I hear they are trying to recruit from Jane Macon.

    It’s time for the quarter back club to step up and fight against the implicit bias of this system

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