Freddie, Freddie, Freddie

By: Charles Skipper news services

The scene is Truist Park, home of the World Champion Atlanta Braves.

The Braves have found themselves in the last inning needing a rally to pull out the victory. The lineup card says it is the first baseman due up in the order.

The crowd starts to buzz and then erupts into a stadium wide chant. Freddie!! Freddie!!Freddie!! resonates throughout the park.

Freddie Freeman has been the starting first baseman for the Braves since the 2011 season. He has stepped into the batter’s box countless times over the years with his team needing him to deliver in order for them to come out on top. More times than not the 2020 National League MVP has done just that; he has delivered.

The franchise has added young stars to the roster in the past few years but number 5 has been the man they all followed and modeled their work habits after. Freddie not only excels on the field but he represents the organization with class, dignity and professionalism.

Fans in Braves Nation have been blessed to call a player of Freeman’s stature their own. Blessed as we have been, there is steeped anticipation as we await the players lockout to end and the 2022 season to begin.

The Braves and Freeman did not come to an agreement before the lockout so all talks are halted until the stalemate is over. There seems to be a disagreement between the club and Freeman over the length of the contract according to reports on the matter.

The Braves don’t spend money like they did in the days of the flamboyant owner Ted Turner but fans are hoping that they do know a sound business decision when they see one.

We have seen many Atlanta Braves stars, hometown favorites and even faces of the franchise at the time play in other uniforms towards the end of their careers.

The list includes names such as Glavine, Smoltz, Torre, Justice, Murphy, Neikro and even Mr. Brave himself Hank Aaron. The majority of these players were in the twilight of their careers and weren’t as productive with their new teams as they were with the Braves. This is not the case with Freddie Freeman.

There is no reason not to expect for him to put up MVP contention numbers for several more years to come. Long term contracts in professional sports are risky just by their nature.

Injuries, age, deteriorating skills are all things that contribute to the unknown in the quality of a player’s production. The Braves have reason for concern over any long term contract but please, this is not a standard contract or is this a standard player. This is a generational player whom has been the backbone of your team for nearly a decade.

Decisions in Major League front offices are based on many factors. Money is the number one factor that drives the choice as it does in most all business decisions.

When you attend a Braves game now it is a much different experience than a game at the two previous parks in Atlanta. It is more than a game, it is an event.

The Battery is a small city that is packed before and after the game. The area in front of the big screen is loaded with families on blankets, people playing catch, folks watching highlights on the screen.

All these people are spending money, lots of money due to some of the prices charged. Fans are asking the front office to do what they have been doing. They are asking them to spend their money to support the Braves just as they have.

Fans want the people in charge to take some of that gold mine they are sitting on and do whatever it takes to keep Freddie Freeman an Atlanta Brave for life.

Braves fans everywhere let us keep our fingers crossed and our hopes alive that once again with the game on the line we have the pleasure of hearing the hair raising chant…..Freddie!!Freddie!!Freddie!!

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  1. Jeff Whited

    I’d say Mr Skipper has more than adequately expressed the feelings of the majority of the Braves nation!
    Now if the Braves management will open their eyes maybe we can have a repeat.
    GO BRAVES!!!

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