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Shuffling The Deck

By: Garrison Ryfun news services

With the ACC going division-less in 2023, the championship will now be played by the top two teams in the conference, instead of the winners of each division.

Since the conference is going division-less, teams will now play what is described as a 3-5-5 schedule.

This means that from at least 2023 to 2026, ACC teams will have three primary opponents and a rotation of the other ten teams in the conference.

The ACC guarantees that through this new scheduling format, each team will have a home and away game against all 13 other teams in this four-year window.

Though not all that common, this will prevent a championship game played by a 7-5 or 6-6 winner of either the Coastal or Atlantic division.

Once again, the divisions will not exist anymore but every team will be locked into three specific opponents.

Here are the primary opponents for each team in the ACC:

Boston College: Miami (FL), Pittsburgh, and Syracuse

Clemson: Florida State, Georgia Tech, and NC State

Duke: North Carolina, NC State, and Wake Forest

Florida State: Clemson, Miami, and Syracuse

Georgia Tech: Clemson, Louisville, and Wake Forest

Louisville: Georgia Tech, Miami (FL), and Virginia

Miami (FL): Boston College, Florida State, and Louisville

North Carolina: Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia

NC State: Clemson, Duke, and North Carolina

Pittsburgh: Boston College, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech

Syracuse: Boston College, Florida State, and Pittsburgh

Virginia: Louisville, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech: Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Wake Forest

Wake Forest: Duke, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech

Notre Dame, though not an official member of the conference for football, will still play their contractually obligated five ACC opponents under this new system.

This move just makes sense for the health of the conference.

In the upcoming age of super conferences, with Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC and USC and UCLA making their move to the Big Ten, having the two best teams in your conference title game will only help with national perception for the top of your conference.

It will already be hard enough to convince teams like Florida State and Clemson to not look elsewhere during this era. Super conferences will only create more revenue, especially in the television space for their member teams.

This is a step forward, albeit small, for the conference, and could give fans some fun in-season rematches in the championship game for years to come.

The biggest problem the ACC has left is figuring out how to navigate college football in this upcoming era.

Convincing Notre Dame, whose contract with NBC expires in 2025, and another high-profile team to join the conference is the next big step the ACC has to take to remain relevant in the football space.

Claw Sharpening

By: Garrison Ryfun news services

At the end of the 2022 season, things seemed to be trending downward for the Clemson Tigers. After a 31-14 Orange Bowl loss to Tennessee, which never looked all that competitive, there were real questions about the future of the program.

The beginning of this perceived decline started with the 2020 season when Jeff Scott, one of Dabo’s Co-Offensive Coordinators, took the head coaching job at the University of South Florida.

This move helped Tony Elliot become the singular Offensive Coordinator for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Going into the 2022 season, Dabo lost both his stalwart defensive coordinator in Brent Venables and offensive coordinator, Tony Elliot to head coaching vacancies at Oklahoma and Virginia respectively.

Instead of going out and hiring big name coordinators, Dabo decided to try to keep continuity within the program and promoted from within for both positions; promoting Brandon Streeter from Passing Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach to the Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach role, and on the defensive side promoting Wes Goodwin to Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers and Mickey Conn to Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties.

In terms of total offense, Streeters coordinating would be seen as an improvement over Tony Elliot’s 2021 efforts, as Clemson went from the 99th total offense to the 48th in 2022.

Though Streeter did seem to help elevate the offense from season to season, 48th in the country is still well below the standard for a Clemson offense in the modern era.

The blame for their offensive struggles, perception wise, ultimately rested on Streeter’s scheme, which was similar to Elliot’s and Scott’s.

Firing Streeter was not an easy move for Dabo to make. He was a former player at the university and was a longtime assistant under Dabo, coaching at the school for six years before he became the offensive coordinator.

He also was a big part of the success Clemson had at quarterback, helping to develop Deshaun Watson and recruit and develop Trevor Lawrence. The two quarterbacks who led Clemson to national titles in 2016 and 2018.

The firing of Brandon Streeter meant that Clemson had to hit on a big-time candidate for the offensive coordinator position. Enter TCU offensive coordinator Garrett Riley and former Clemson offensive coordinator Jeff Scott.

In Garrett Riley’s three years of being an offensive coordinator, he has never been outside of the top 15 in points per game and has only been outside of the top 15 once for total offense.

Even in the context of an embarrassing 65-7 loss against Georgia, the problem for Riley’s offense was not the scheme.

Now entering Clemson, Riley has a better talent pool to work with that can match a more physical SEC team if they make the playoffs.

Riley will have a chance to not only coach better talent, but also recruit better talent at Clemson.

In a time when some were starting to perceive Dabo as losing his edge, he made an important move that changed the trajectory of the program before it was too late.

The move of bringing in Garrett Riley is an important one, but bringing in Jeff Scott to learn underneath him is the more underrated aspect of this whole deal.

This is Dabo positioning himself to not only revolutionize his offense, but be able to keep continuity on that front when Riley eventually takes a head coaching position elsewhere.

This kind of move is one that Clemson needed going into a divisonless 2023 in the ACC, with a rising Florida State team, and others, trying to knock them off their throne.

Glynn Academy Wins Region

garrison headshotBy: Garrison Ryfun news services

This October was all about region play and the Glynn Academy Red Terrors are now 8-1 with a game left in the regular season.

This month the Terrors have took on Wayne County, Brunswick High, Richmond Hill, and Effingham. They won all those games and are now Region Champs.

The first game of the month took place on September 30th against Wayne County.

The Yellow Jackets came into this game winless and with an offense that was occasionally productive.

Deejay Dallas and Kendall Cross again put on a show in the matchup against Wayne. The squad for Jesup was never able to get in the End zone against the Terrors stout defense and Glynn won in a Shutout 34-0.

Up next was the Effingham game but due to Hurricane Matthew and the mandatory evacuation, the game was postponed until October 25th.

That start of region pay became the City Championship and it had to be moved a day because of the hurricane. So, we got to witness Saturday Night Lights in Glynn County Stadium against the Brunswick High Pirates.

Brunswick High and Glynn Academy has always been a great rivalry. This night was no different as Shawn Smith took the opening kickoff back for a touchdown.

Glynn was without their starting kicker but the depth behind him shined in a lot of places.

John Henry Butler became the PAT kicker and didn’t miss a kick. Andrew Delaney, the starting Tight End, also had a 45-yard punt that pinned BHS inside the 5.

The defense gave up a lot of points to a talented BHS squad but this high-powered Glynn Academy offense has been hard to stop. Glynn won in a close one 35-28.

Up next Glynn had to face an Undefeated Richmond Hill squad at Richmond Hill. Now I must say this game worried me a little bit. Before this game, 17 points was the most anyone had scored on Richmond hill.

Glynn ended up winning the game 57-27. The most points scored under Rocky Hidalgo and almost the first time that we have had three 100 yard rushers.

Glynn, as a team, rushed for 517 yards and passed for 166 yards. That’s 683 total yards, believed to be a school record.

The final game of the month was against Effingham. The hurricane-rescheduled football game took place on a Tuesday night.

It almost felt weird doing a game on Tuesday night at Glynn County Stadium. This Glynn team didn’t seem to mind though. The Terrors picked up where they had left off!

After a 4-day turnaround, the Terrors still looked fresh and dominated this game from the first snap. Glynn again almost had 3 100-yard rushers. We even got to see Randon Jernigan at quarterback.

The Terrors shut out another team this month with the 48-0 win over Effingham.

This Glynn Academy Red Terrors team somehow keeps improving every week and looks to be a state title contender in 6A football.

The option offense has become so deadly and consistent for Glynn Academy and the defense has played their hearts out all season long.

They have one regular season game left against Bradwell. After that game starts the playoffs and what looks to be a deep playoff run for the Terrors.

The Terrors have wrapped up their second region title in a row.

Glynn to Terrorize State

garrison headshot By: Garrison Ryfun news services

The Glynn Academy Red Terrors are now 4-1 halfway through the season, and after the early loss to Benedictine they are starting to look like state title contenders.

Over the past month, the Terrors have taken on Pomona (#1 Team in Colorado), Camden County, and East Jackson. They won all of those games and won them all very convincingly.

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